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🌌 · Intro!

this is from September but I'm still rly proud of it so -- hi. Introduction post and art post in one go.

We're the PALS. A polyfragmented system of 200+ and still counting. You can just call us Jake or Fatal whenever you don't know who's at front, though. We're 18 years old!

We're neurodivergent, mentally ill and trans. Currently trying to find out how to deal with all of that.

We don't have a public DNI as of yet but if we don't want you following you'll be blocked. Generally if you're not homo/transphobic, racist, antisemitic, MAP then you should be okay.

Follow for more art I guess! We're not sure if we'll keep this active tbh. Just testing the water(fall)s for now. Thank me later for that pun.

-- Jake 🌌

Plural Flags! Cause there's not 1,000 of those already-

Look I know there's way too many of these out there but I don't like em so I made another one.

Pink is for endogenic, yellow for parogenic, black for traumagenic, green for quoigenic, and white for multigenic/mixed origins. Totally chill to use for basically anything, we'd prefer if you link back to us tho ^-^



Hey! So, it has been brought to our attention by a friend on Discord (they weren’t even aware of the original post or our flags, they were just talking about plural flags in general) that the colour chosen to represent traumagenic systems in many plural flags is black or dark grey, which can be alienating to traumagenic systems as it paints them as dark/bad/tainted in some way. I would like to impress upon everyone that this was not our intention in the original post!!! It was an oversight on our part, and one we regret deeply, as we are partially traumagenic ourselves and would never wish to bring harm on our own community- but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make mistakes that do so anyways.

That in mind, we revamped the flags! I think they look better anyways, to be honest, the black just didn't really fit! We also added versions with the treblesands, and different variants that are explained underneath each. As before, you can use them for anything your heart desires (except to spread hate), but it’s much preferred that you link back to us! Ta-ta~!

The version of the flag with no symbols at all! Pink for endogenic, yellow for parogenic, blue for traumagenic, green for quoigenic, and white (not visible on some formats, sorry) for multigenic/mixed origins.

Two versions, one with the treblesand and the other with 4 interlinked circles (not sure of the name). These are two fairly widespread symbols to represent plurals and plurality, so it seemed prudent to include them.

These ones are for systems that are entirely or mainly endogenic (naturally formed)! They focus on the pink stripe, the one we chose to symbolize endogenic systems, bringing it front and center with the two most well-known symbols of plurality.

For systems that are entirely or mainly parogenic (created)!

For systems that are entirely or mainly traumagenic (formed from early childhood trauma)!

For systems that are entirely or mainly quoigenic (formed by unknown or undisclosed methods)!

For systems that are multigenic/mixed origins (formed by multiple means, such as having a mix of created and trauma-based members)!